The Most Trusted, Friendly & Professional Inspection Service You Will Ever Receive!

As New York State Licensed and Insured Home Inspectors, we will evaluate your potential new home as well as evaluate your current residence for maintenance or resale. We are available 7 days a week

Paul - Property InspectorALL REPORTS INCLUDE: Full narrative bound report, typically 20 or more pages. Verbal report with on-site explanations. Miscellaneous observations. After delivery of report we are available for further questions.

Minor issues can become major repairs!

The effects of time, weather and wear all impact a home. Not only does this affect the outward appearance but there can be hidden problems that occur beneath the surface. Aberdeen Home Inspection, Inc. identifies current and potential issues and helps you eliminate them.



  • Roofing, Leaders, Gutters
  • Lot Drainage, Slope of Property
  • Retaining Walls, Fences
  • Lawn Sprinkler Systems
  • Walks, Driveway, Patio
  • Decks, Porches, Staircases, Railings
  • Siding, Trim, Eaves, Flashing
  • Doors, Weather-Stripping, Windows
  • Garages, Carports, Garage Doors
  • Chimneys
  • Mold Assessment: visual inspection and on site consultation¬†regarding mold issues
  • Insect Inspection


  • Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Counters
  • Flooring
  • Built-in Kitchen Appliances
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Staircases
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors/Smoke Detectors


  • Foundation, Basement, Crawl Space, and Slab
  • Support Beams and Posts
  • Roof Structure, Drainage, Gutters, Eaves, Soffits, Down Spouts
  • Moisture Problems, Seepage
  • Chimmneys and Gas Appliance Vents
  • Attics, Insulation, Floor, Wall and Ceiling Components


  • Tub, Shower, Toilets
  • Gas or Oil Pipes
  • Water Supply Pipes, Water Flow and Pressure
  • Oil and Fuel Tanks
  • Water Heaters, Vents, Relief Valves
  • Sewage Flow/Cess Pool, Drain Fixtures, Water Pressure


  • Hot Water Heating Tanks
  • Boilers: Electric, Gas, Oil
  • Hot Air Vents, Radiators
  • Fire Places
  • Duct Work


  • GFCI Outlets, Electric Outlets
  • Light Fixtures, Switches
  • Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fans
  • Circuit Breakers, Fuses, GFCI Devices
  • Grounding, Main and Sub Service Panels